A Free Version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Now Available on PS4 and PC

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

If you’ve long been intrigued by Dissidia Final Fantasy NT but didn’t want to part with your cash to play it, you can now get in on the action for free.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition is available right now on PS4 and Steam, allowing you to play as four of the game’s fighters without having to spend a penny. The characters available in the Free Edition of the game will change on a weekly basis, but if you want to keep playing as your favourites then you can buy them individually.

Unfortunately the game’s story mode isn’t available in the Free Edition, and if you’re playing on PS4 you need PS Plus to take the action online. Any progress you make can be carried over to the full version, though, and you’re not restricted to fighting only those who have the same version as you.


With so much DLC available for the Free Edition of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, if you do find yourself enjoying it, it makes sense to simply upgrade to the Standard or Deluxe Edition. On PS4 the Standard Edition is currently £49.99/$29.99, while the Deluxe Edition is £64.99/$44.99. On PC, the Standard Edition costs £22.49/$29.99, while the Deluxe Edition costs £33.49/$44.99. So yeah, UK PSN users get ripped off.

It should also be noted that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is new to PC. Want to check it out? View its Steam page right here.