Available on Android and iOS

Total achievement points: 1000G

Price: free

Wordament has been around for several years, starting out life as a game exclusive to Windows Phone. Well, that didn’t go so well, did it, so the game’s been available on Android and iOS for a while now. Recently its undergone a massive facelift: Wordament used to be a simple multiplayer affair – you’d battle it out against hundreds of other players to get the highest score. Word battle royale, if you will. But the latest update adds daily challenges, single player quick play, and a pretty sprawling single-player adventure mode. Basically, there’s a lot to keep yourself occupied with.

The gameplay of Wordament is very similar to Boggle; you’re presented with a grid of letter tiles, and it’s your job to make words out of connecting tiles. It’s simple, but to battle for those high scores, you need to be quite the walking dictionary.