1LEGO + Star Wars = An Empty Bank Account

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

We love Star Wars and we love LEGO, which means we doubly love LEGO Star Wars.

There have been some brilliant LEGO Star Wars sets over the years. Some of them have faithfully recreated iconic vehicles, while others have tried to depict our favourite scenes. And whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift for another they’re always a winner. But what are the best LEGO Star Wars sets you can buy right now?

Many LEGO Star Wars sets don’t hang around for long, so when one catches your eye it’s best to buy it before it’s discontinued. With that in mind, tale a look at we believe are the best LEGO Star Wars sets currently available, and why not pick one or two of them up?

We’ve started with the cheapest ones first, so if you don’t want to spend a great all your cash those are the ones to go for. But if you’re rich, there are some mighty fine LEGO Star Wars sets available right now…