Can You Play The Division 2 Solo?

The Division 2 2

While much is made of The Division 2‘s co-op features, many will want to play it without interacting with anyone.

Thankfully, while you always need to be online to play The Division 2, it’s very much possibly to play it as a single-player game.

Those who decide to go it alone while playing The Division 2 will find themselves able to complete its story and the majority of its additional content. They might find it a little bit trickier than those who decide to play in groups though.

The AI of your enemies in The Division 2 is pretty sharp, meaning they’ll move to flank you at every opportunity. And when they hit, they hit hard. Also, while dying during a main or side mission simply prompts you to restart from the last checkpoint, dying out in the open world will force you to respawn at a safe location, which might be some distance away. That alone can be irritating, but if you were in the middle of an activity such as a bounty, chances are your opportunity will have been lost, too.

So, The Division 2 can definitely be enjoyed without playing it in co-op, you might just find yourself dying a bit more at times. It forces you to be more mindful of the skills you’re using, and also aware of your surroundings. Enemies sneaking up behind you isn’t much of an issue when you have friends to cover your back. When playing alone, however, it’s a constant worry.

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