Conglomerate 451 Headed to Steam Early Access

Experience an evolution of the classic first-person dungeon crawler genre in Conglomerate 451.

1C Entertainment and developer RuneHeads have unveiled their brand new game Conglomerate 451, a first-person dungeon crawler with a cyberpunk twist that’s headed to Steam early access soon.

Conglomerate 451 offers players an evolution of one of gaming’s most beloved genres. Tasked with taking down the corrupt corporations that threaten sector 451 of Conglomerate city, establish and manage a crack team of cloned agents, altering their DNA and outfitting them with the latest in high-end cyberlimbs, implants and weaponry to best carve out an edge in this city-wide struggle.

You’ll experience roguelike elements that ensure that any mission could be an agent’s last. Players will have to leverage everything from hacking and equippable agent skills to strategic use of their person R&D department to make it out alive.

Conglomerate 451 arrives on Steam Early Access soon, with a full launch planned for later this year.

Check out the announcement trailer below.