Dead By Daylight’s New Matchmaking System Improves Wait Times Exponentially

[Insert loud screaming here.]

It’s no secret that Dead by Daylight‘s matchmaking system and servers have been an absolute burning dumpster fire of pain and misery for the last… well, for as long as I can remember. Let’s just say I’ve read three books plus countless graphic novels, knit multiple pot holders, done a colour-by-number and about 200 Sudoku puzzles while waiting to get into games. And half the time, the killer disconnects the second I get into a lobby (when playing Survive with Friends).

Nevertheless, I stuck with it because I really enjoy the game, and more importantly, it is something that me and my roommate really love to do together. Almost every single night for the past four or five months we’ve tackled hundreds of camping, tunnelling, try-hard killers and maybe live to tell the tale 35% of the time, but we have the time of our lives. Still, we’ve found ourselves wondering if it was worth it to be able to play three games in nearly three hours. The waits were more horrific than the killers.

Now finally, finally, Behaviour Interactive has done something really, really right. Something we all needed and desperately wanted: a new matchmaking system.

What to Expect

When players start looking for a match they’re going to be put into one of two queues: a queue for killers and a queue for survivors. At a fixed time interval (every 30 seconds for example) it will take a certain number of players from both queues and match them together. This will create multiple lobbies, trying to find the best match according to rank and geolocation.

Survive with Friends groups and solo players will all have the same wait time and killers lobbies will be filled with four survivors instantly (rather than trickling in over a few minutes).

Recent Findings

In a Community Update, the Dead by Daylight Team has given players a glimpse at recent wait times from March 14th and 15th (when the new servers initially launched) and these are the maximum values below:

  • Xbox One: Killer 3 minute wait time, Survivor 3 minute wait time
  • PS4: Killer 1 minute wait time, Survivor 3 minute wait time
  • PC: Killer 3 minute wait time, Survivor 1 minute wait time

Don’t you love the look of those max wait times? Looks like I won’t be knitting any potholders any time soon. And I can happily say that when I’ve played Dead By Daylight in the last few days, I’ve seen a noticeable change in the amount of games I’ve been able to play in a short period of time. It makes it much more bearable when you get into one of those games where you die right away. Now you won’t feel like you wasted 40 minutes of your life.

I can’t wait to see how things improve in the future, and don’t forget that the new killer The Plague and the new Survivor Jane Romero are set to release sometime this month.

See you all in the fog!