Gearbox Software Releases New Teaser Trailer for Upcoming Borderlands Game

Will we be jumping back into Pandora soon?

Gearbox Software has just released a new teaser trailer for an upcoming Borderlands title. The “Mask of Mayhem” trailer shows off a huge psycho mask made up of characters from the series.

The full announcement will be made at during Gearbox’s  PAX East panel tomorrow, 28th March, which will be livestreamed at 11am PT/ 2pm ET / 6pm GMT.

While the Mask of Mayhem trailer certainly looks like it’s geared towards an official announcement for Borderlands 3, it’s also been heavily rumoured that Gearbox will have some other Borderlands announcements, too. We’re expecting an updated port of the first game, Borderlands Game of the Year, to be announced for PS4 and Xbox One – and since an ESRB rating for leaked earlier this week, that particular announcement has been all but confirmed. A Borderlands 2 port for Switch has also been previously rumoured, but I guess we’ll find out exactly what Gearbox has up its sleeve tomorrow.

Look out for more information coming tomorrow on the Borderlands website and check out the Mask of Mayhem trailer below.