How to Beat Isaac, The Final Boss in One Piece World Seeker

The final boss fight in One Piece World Seeker will see you taking on antagonist Isaac – but this time he’s brought some badass robot mech armour to make your life a little more difficult.

The final boss is a little different from other fights you’ve had in One Piece World Seeker. Instead of storming in with punches flying, this fight is about dodging, taking your time, and waiting for the right moment to attack.

Don’t read on if you don’t want One Piece World Seeker‘s final battle to be spoiled!


After making your way up to the cannon that will fire you to Sky Prison along with Jeanne, you’ll find yourself face to face with Isaac, intent on destroying everything Jeanne’s tried so hard to protect. Naturally, it’s up to Luffy to set things straight, and that means: fight!

This isn’t a straight-up battle with Isaac. With his robo-suit on, he’s able to dodge every attack you throw at him, and if you do make contact, his shield will ensure that you don’t do any damage. Unlike other fights in the game, this boss battle requires a bit of strategy – and a lot of dodging.

Isaac will launch various attacks at you. Some projectiles, and other times he’ll launch himself into you. You may have more luck using the Observational Haki stance, which will let you dodge quickly.

As Isaac fires a large projectile at you, he’ll lower his shield momentarily. It’s a very brief window – around two seconds – but during this time you need to throw a punch (using your right trigger) towards him, which will trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you’ll be back in the fight, but this time there’ll be an extra robot to fight. Take care of the second robot in the usual way, then turn your attention back to Isaac. You’ll need to repeat the same procedure: wait until he drops his armour, then fire a punch at him.

You’ll need to do this four times overall, each time you’ll get a short cutscene and additional robots will be added to the fight – first one, then two, then three.

After the fourth time, you’ll reach the second stage of the boss fight against Isaac. This time, he’s suited up into an even bigger mech suit – but don’t worry too much: without a forcefield around him, you can actually do damage this time. Use powerful attacks and watch out for incoming attacks from him, and he should go down in no time.

The hardest part of the final boss fight is definitely the first half. With such a small window to attack Isaac while his shield is down, it can be frustrating – especially when the camera doesn’t lock onto him. But persist with it, and you’ll get there eventually!