How to Fast Travel in One Piece: World Seeker

Open world adventure One Piece: World Seeker is a big game, with a massive map. Thankfully, it employs a fast travel system to help you move around. Here’s everything you need to know.

Your skills in One Piece: World Seeker are drip-fed to you through the first few hours of playing. It means that certain abilities, fast travel included, aren’t available right from the get-go. The game’s built-in tutorial system will introduce them to you one by one. It’s a nice, steady introduction to what is a large and sprawling game with many unique systems to get your head around.

One very simple system, though, is fast travel. Simply put, fast travel allows you to jump from one place on the map to another in a matter of seconds. When a game world is as big as One Piece: World Seeker‘s, fast travel is important.

Fast travel will unlock in World Seeker after the first couple of hours, after which time you’re free to use it whenever.

To activate fast travel, simply bring up your map by pressing the select button (the touchpad on PS4). Use the left analogue stick to move around the map – you can zoom in and out with the right stick, too. Fast travel locations are easy to spot, clearly marked on the map. Simply select the one you want by hovering over it and pressing A (X on PS4).

You can’t fast travel just anywhere – it has to be to a designated spot on the map. These are fairly common, though, and you’ll be able to travel to pretty much every town and main area of interest. Of course, you’ll need to have visited the area first before fast travel to that location is unlocked.

There’s no penalty to using fast travel in One Piece: World Seeker – so use it to your heart’s content.