How to Fast Travel in The Division 2

The Division 2 2

The Division 2 has a beautifully realised world, but eventually, travelling back to safe houses and your base of operations on foot gets pretty tedious.

It’s a good job, then, that the game has a fast travel feature, and you can make use of it pretty much straight away.

To fast travel in The Division 2, you first need to bring up your map. You can then fast travel to certain locations by highlighting them with your cursor and holding the X button on Xbox One or the Square button on PS4.

Lots of places can be fast travelled to such as your base of operations, settlements, completed main missions, and any safe houses you’ve unlocked. So, if you want to get around the map quickly and easily, don’t be afraid of making use of the fast travel feature.

Remember, though, that travelling to places manually in The Division 2 does have benefits. You might discover valuable loot, for example, or an activity that rewards you with a great deal of experience. Perhaps strike a good balance between fast travelling and walking to places.

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