How to Fight With Friends in Dead or Alive 6

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Dead or Alive 6

If you’ve picked up Dead or Alive 6, chances are you’re going to want to fight with your friends.

The bad news is that you can’t really fight with them online at the moment. Not unless you’re really lucky, anyway.

Dead or Alive 6‘s Lobby Match feature is arriving some time after launch. Though you shouldn’t have to wait too long, as it should be coming sometime in March. Once lobbies have been added to the game, you should be able to invite your friends rather easily and play with them until your heart’s content.


Until the Lobby Match feature is added to Dead or Alive 6, the only way to play online with friends is to somehow be matched up with them in Ranked play. And honestly, it’s not really worth trying.

At the moment, the best way to play Dead or Alive 6 with friends is locally. Invite one or more friends over to your house, boot up Dead or Alive 6 and beat each other black and blue. You’ll just need two controllers, and probably some snacks. You’re bound to have a lot of fun though.