How to Gather Resources in The Division 2

The Division 2 2

When playing The Division 2, you’re going to want to collect plenty of resources to keep your Control Points topped up.

The best place to gather resources is at Resource Nodes, but you can only really see them on the map if you zoom in. Look for a bottle icon to find a water resource nodes, a tin for food resource nodes, and a screw for component resource nodes.

Simply visiting a resource node location doesn’t refill your resources, though. You need to loot the resource. Water is found in blue barrels, food in green tubs, and components in generic boxes. Make sure you search each resource node area well to get everything they have to offer.

Once you’ve progressed so far into The Division 2, resource convoys begin to appear as well. Completing resource convoy events is probably the best way to farm resources. All you have to do is locate the resource convoy and wipe it out. Then you can take the convoy’s resources for yourself.

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