How to Get SHD Tech in The Division 2

The Division 2 3

As you make your way through The Division 2, you’re going to want to collect a lot of SHD Tech.

SHD Tech has numerous uses. One of them is to unlock skill variants, giving you more options when it comes to combat. The other is to unlock perks which generally improve your time spent with the game, such as increasing the number of armour kits available to you or giving you new ways to earn experience.

You’ll naturally earn some SHD Tech by levelling up as you play the game. SHD Tech can be earned by completing certain side missions, too. Look for a SHD Tech symbol on the lower right-hand corner of a side mission’s icon to see if offers SHD Tech for completion or not. The best way to obtain SHD Tech, though, is to find it out in The Division 2‘s open world.

As you explore, your watch will sometimes tell you that an SHD Tech cache is close by. If you’re up to it you can search for it. To make things easier, though, you’re better off unlocking safe houses to make SHD Tech caches appear on your map.

Simply unlock the safe house in each area you visit and access the computer inside to make SHD Tech cache locations appear. You can then set a waypoint to a SHD Tech cache location and find your way to it dead easy.

While it’ll take quite a while to gather enough SHD Tech to unlock every skill variant and perk in The Division 2, making SHD Tech caches appear on your map should enable you to unlock a huge chunk of them quite easily.

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