How to Get SP in One Piece World Seeker

In One Piece World Seeker, SP – or skill points – is your currency to unlock new skills.

Unlocking new skills is important to progress through the game as they make Luffy stronger, more agile, and more capable of defeating tougher enemies. Available skills include new combat moves, new ways of moving around the environment, faster chest opening and more. But in order to get all those nifty upgrades, you need to gain SP points. Here’s how.

Thankfully, skill points will be earned naturally as you play through One Piece World Seeker. Simple tasks such as defeating enemies as you traverse the environment will net you a few, but most SP will be earned for completing missions.


Every story mission will give you a set amount of SP. So even just playing through One Piece World Seeker’s main campaign will give you enough SP to unlock a plethora of skills.

But you’ll gain SP much quicker if you complete some side quests along the way, too. However, not every side quest will grant you SP; some will reward you with an item instead. You can look at your available quest list by heading to the in-game menu and selecting a quest to see the reward it will give you.

The amount of SP you need to buy a skill varies, with the cheapest being 100 SP and the most expensive being 500 SP and above. However, most quests will give you at least 200 SP. So combining that with the SP you pick up simply by killing enemies and exploring the world, you’ll be able to unlock plenty of skills in no time.