How to Mod Your Guns in The Division 2

The Division 2

You’ll find plenty of great guns in The Division 2, but with mods you can make them even better.

With mods, you can make your guns more accurate, for example, or increase their critical hit chance. Every mod also makes one aspect of your gun a little worse, however, forcing you to strike a balance.

To mod your guns, all you need to do is head into your inventory, move to the gun you want to mod, and then press X on an Xbox One controller or Square on a PS4 controller. The gun modding screen will then appear, allowing you to select a number of gun mod slots to place mods in.

When you fist start The Division 2, you’ll have no mods available at all. The easiest gun mods to gain access to are given to you by unlocking perks at the Quartermaster. There are numerous perks that allow you to unlock a range of gun mods for one piece of SHD Tech each. Gun mods can also be obtained by completing activities such as side missions and projects. Be aware that you’ll need to craft most of them via the crafting station back at the base of operations before they can be used, though.

The great thing about gun mods in The Division 2 is that once you’ve crafted them they can be used on as many guns as you want. You don’t need to craft two of the same mod if you want to use it on the guns in both your primary and secondary equipment slots, for example. You also don’t need to remove them if you’re going to deconstruct or sell a gun that has got them equipped. Unlike gear mods, gun mods are tied to your account and have unlimited uses. So, get modding away!

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