How to Open Locked Doors and Gates in The Division 2

The Division 2 1 (1)

There are times in The Division 2 where the game teases you with some sweet loot locked behind a gate or a door.

Generally speaking, it’s pretty clear what’s stopping you from getting in – a massive giant yellow padlock is usually what’s in your way. And in true video game style, the answer is to shoot them.

Simply shoot a yellow padlock with any weapon and it’ll fall off, allowing you to then open the door or gate that was previously inaccessible. You find that a lot of SHD Tech caches are protected this way, so learning to look out for the yellow padlocks becomes a must.

There are times, however, where a door or gate will seem truly inaccessible in The Division 2. There’s a SHD Tech cache in Potomac Park, for example, that seems impossible to get as there’s apparently no padlock to shoot or underground tunnel to access the compound in which it’s found. If you make your way around the compound and look through the metal fence though, you’ll notice that the other side of the door has a yellow padlock on it. Simply shoot at it through the fence, and you’ll then be able to open the door and get the SHD Tech cache.

So basically, whenever you come across a room that has obviously got loot in it but seemingly no way get in, examine it from all angles to see if there’s a yellow padlock to shoot. They’re usually all that’s stopping you from getting more loot in The Division 2.

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