How To Save Your Game in One Piece: World Seeker

The latest game from Bandai Namco takes us on a journey in the popular One Piece franchise.

Taking on the role of the freaky-faced but somewhat lovable Luffy, One Piece: World Seeker is an open world adventure that’ll see you exploring new lands, meeting new people, defeating enemies and taking on all kinds of missions. There’s a lot to do in World Seeker, so one thing is really important: saving your progress!

Early on in World Seeker, a tutorial pop-up will inform you that the game has an autosave functionality. It does: at certain points during missions, your game will automatically save. However, you shouldn’t rely on the autosave function completely if you don’t ever want to lose any progress. Here’s how to manually save in One Piece: World Seeker.


Saving your game is as simple as going to World Seeker’s main menu. Bring that up by hitting the start button (‘options’ or ‘menu’, depending what controller you’re using). From there, select “save”, and you’ll be presented with a number of empty slots you can save into.

You can overwrite an existing save, or create multiple files in case you ever want to revisit a previous save. We’re not sure why you would, but the game gives you the option.

Remember to hit that save menu often in One Piece: World Seeker to prevent losing any precious progress.