How to Start the Thorn Quest in Destiny 2

Season of the Drifter is now in full swing with the arrival of two major questlines to the world of Destiny 2: the Thorn Quest, and the Allegiance Quest.

Let’s dive into the path you must travel to earn the infamous Thorn. First things first though: here’s what you need to know to start the thorn quest in Destiny 2.

First thing to keep in mind, that you may be unaware of if you’re diving into this blind, is that the Thorn is not attached to the Allegiance quest. To activate the Allegiance quest, you’ll have to speak with our buddy the Drifter. Starting the Thorn quest is somewhat of a puzzle.


Before reading on, be warned that this obviously will contain spoilers for how to activate the Thorn quest – but why else would you be here? With that out of the way, let’s get into the thick of things.

To start the Thorn quest, you’ll want to head to the EDZ to begin your search for the Thorn. Land at the Trostland dropzone and head straight past the church where Devrim hangs out.

Head into the Salt Mines and follow the path through the swarms of Fallen until you reach the room with the elevator shaft. To the left of that elevator you’ll find a transmat device that you’ll interact with to go to a separate section of the EDZ. Here’s what you’re looking for:

Once teleported to the new area, you’ll fight a few Fallen and come upon an opening blocked by a large, glowing blue wall. Turn around and follow the ledge to your right until you see a hole in the wall just above you.

Jump in, and you’ll find yourself at a grim campsite. Interact with the area that looks like a bonfire, and you’ll dig up the Thorn quest! Now the real challenge begins.