How to Take Over and Use Control Points in The Division 2

The Division 2 3 (1)

As you explore The Division 2‘s open world, you’re likely to come across a large number of control points.

By default, control points are held by your enemies. If you have the time to spare, however, you can claim them for yourself. And you should, because they provide numerous benefits.

To take over a control point, you first simply need to approach the red area that defines it on your mini-map. Once you’re in the red area, you’re prompted to call for some allies to assist you. You don’t have to call for allies if you don’t want, but it does help.

Whether you call for allies or not, your task is to eradicate enemies at the control point until the leader shows up. Defeat the leader and the control point will be neutralised, but you’re not done yet. The enemy will then mount a counter-attack, so you’ll need to take up defensive positions and repel them. Repel enough enemies and yet another leader will appear. Defeat them and wipe out the rest of the enemies and the control point is finally yours.

One of the primary reasons for claiming control points in The Division 2 is that they make helpful fast travel points. Upon claiming a control point, however, you’ll also find that you gain access to a room full of loot. Usually good loot, too.

And that’s not all. Every control point has someone that’s in charge, and if you speak to them you can give them resources if they’re in need. For donating resources you’ll be rewarded with experience, which helps when you’re trying to level up. Donating resources is also required to complete many projects, and there’s a perk that you can unlock that increases the distance at which lootable containers are highlighted for a short while when donating a certain number of resources.

Needless to say, it pays to liberate as many control points as possible in The Division 2. If not for fast travel, then certainly for the loot.

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