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How to Unlock and Use Martial Arts in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

As you play though Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can unlock Combat Arts and Martial Arts to expand your repertoire of moves.

You unlock Martial Arts just like you do Combat Arts – by finding Esoteric Texts, visiting a Sculptor Idol, choosing Acquire Skills, and then spending Skill Points. While Combat Arts need to be equipped to be useful, however, Martial Arts are usable as soon as you’ve unlocked them – you don’t need to equip them or anything. That makes them very useful for expanding your stealth and combat options. What’s not always clear though, is how you actually use them.

When unlocking Martial Arts via the Acquire Skills, a brief description of the skill is displayed. You’ll notice at the bottom of the description that there is a button prompt at the side of some square icons though, and by pressing the shown button you’re told exactly what buttons to press to perform the skill. On Xbox One the button to press is Y, while on PS4 it is Triangle.

Unfortunately, Sekiro isn’t always that great at telling you how to perform Martial Arts though. Take the ability that allows you to use the grapple to hit enemies, for example; it doesn’t mention anything about looking for a circular icon with a down arrow inside it as an indication that you can use the grapple to pull yourself forward. Still, pressing the required button to display the details of how to perform a Martial Art does help in most cases.

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