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Xenon Racer

How to Unlock New Cars and Tracks in Xenon Racer

If you’ve picked up 3DClouds.it’s Xenon Racer, you might be wondering how you unlock the rest of the game’s cars and tracks.

Initially, you only have access to two cars and two tracks in Xenon Racer, which means playing anything other than the game’s career mode gets boring really fast. Unsurprisingly, then, Xenon Racer‘s career mode is what you need to progress through in order to unlock more cars and tracks to play with.

By progressing through Xenon Racer‘s career, you’ll unlock new cars at a decent pace. If you want to make unlocking them easier, lower the difficulty by delving into the game’s menus. You’ll also unlock plenty of car customisation options as you go, though of course, the best cars and customisation options are saved until you’re quite far into the career.

Tracks are unlocked in pretty much the same way, though Xenon Racer is much tighter with them. Expect to make quite a bit of progress into Xenon Racer‘s career before the game gives you additional tracks to use in alternative modes.

Basically then, to unlock everything that Xenon Racer has to offer, play through its career and try to come first in every race. Honestly, it doesn’t have the largest career mode, and you can always lower the difficulty of the races if you’re having trouble without missing out on anything.

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