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How to Unlock New Costumes in Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive is back, and as usual, each character has a huge range of costumes available to them.

Though of course, when you first start playing Dead or Alive 6, most of the game’s costumes are locked, preventing you from using them. To unlock them, you’re going to need to play the game.

Each costume in Dead or Alive 6 requires a certain number of Pattern Parts to be obtained before they are unlocked for use. You can earn a steady flow of Pattern Parts by playing online and taking part in modes such as Arcade, Time Attack and Survival, though to expedite the process you’re best playing Dead or Alive 6‘s new DOA Quest mode.

Costumes require anywhere between 200 to 1000 Pattern Parts to unlock, and while playing in most modes with reward you with tens of them, completing missions in DOA Quest will reward you with hundreds. The only caveat is, Pattern Parts are seemingly randomly distributed among the locked costumes that are available. It means you can’t target costumes for any particular character. You just have to keep playing and obtaining Pattern Parts to unlock all the costumes for the characters you like to use the most.

You can view all of the costumes available in Dead or Alive 6 and your progress towards unlocking them in DOA Central. From there, you can also purchase new hair styles and glasses for your characters, and save your favourite combinations to make them quickly accessible on the character select screen. Unlock all of Dead or Alive 6‘s costumes and you’ll truly be able to battle with style!

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