How to Unlock Skills in The Division 2

The Division 2 2

As you battle your way through The Division 2, the skills you have access to will prove to be very useful.

Initially you start out with no skills, but you gain access to your first one after very little play. Eventually there are eight available to you, and each one also has numerous variants.

To unlock skills, you first need to obtain skill points. You get those by completing Main Missions in The Division 2. Once you have one or more skill points visit Coop Dennison – the Quartermaster back at your base of operations – and you’ll be able to unlock a new skill.

Every time you unlock a skill you’ll notice that there are additional skill variants that remain locked. To unlock those, you need to collect SHD Tech. SHD Tech can be obtained through various means. You can get some by completing side missions, for example, and some for simply levelling up. A lot of SHD Tech can be found in the open world, too. By unlocking safe houses you’ll be able to interact with computers that reveal the location of SHD Tech in each area of the map.

By completing main missions and searching out SHD Tech whenever possible, you’ll have a bevvy of skills available to you in no time. The only problem is, you can only ever have two skills equipped at once in The Division 2. Every time you unlock a new skill, try it out to see how you get on with it. You might also find that certain skills are best in certain situations. Change up your skills as you see fit.

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