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How to Upgrade Your Mote Synthesizer in Destiny 2

With the arrival of Season 6, Season of the Drifter, in Destiny 2, Guardians have a new mess of things to do. One of the biggest additions is Gambit Prime.

Gambit Prime is a high octane, incredibly tense, team-oriented version of the standard Gambit game mode in Destiny 2. Participating in Gambit Prime, and through the way in which you play, grants you Synths for the new roles: Collector, Sentry, Invader, and Reaper. These, in turn, can be fed into your Mote synthesizer, allowing you to wager synths in the new PvE Reckoning mode. After completing the Drifter’s initial questline, you’ll be awarded with the Weak Synthesizer which you can use in the Tier I Reckoning mode to grant you Gambit Prime armour for your desired role.

With Tier II going live recently, and Tier III on the way, how do you go about upgrading your Mote synthesizer? It’s simple!

Speak With The Drifter

Visit the Drifter in his new location in the Annex, across from Black Armory head Ada-1. He’ll have a host of bounties for you to grab, but you’re after one of the first four bounties in his second row of offerings labelled ‘Gambit Prime Bounties’. These are split into four different bounties, again depending on the role you are shooting for in Gambit Prime. No matter which you grab, however, you’ll need to win at least four rounds of Tier 1 Reckoning. These bounties are a bit grindy at first, but the tasks are quite simple for each given class:

  • Invader: defeat Guardians and deny motes
  • Collector: deposit motes and send blockers
  • Sentry: defeat blockers, Primevals, and invaders
  • Reaper: defeat hostiles, earning more points for stronger enemies

Completing whichever bounty you choose will grant you the Middling Synthesizer you can use to participate in Tier II Reckoning activities. Be warned, however, that the Tier II activity is a bit more challenging, with a light level setting of 670 with assorted modifiers as well.

The Reckoning: Strategy and Loadout

Unlike Gambit Prime, your strategy and loadouts will not, and perhaps should not, carry over identically. Gambit Prime is all about damage and sticking to your roles, whereas Reckoning is about crowd control and communication is success is desired. Here are some general tips to keep in mind, and maybe help you shape a better loadout when heading into Destiny 2’s Reckoning game mode.


  • Primary: A high impact Pulse Rifle or Hand Cannon will go a long way, or opt for a high rpm Auto Rifle for consistent damage over time.
  • Special: With the shotgun nerf paralysing some of the better weapons in the game, choose your secondary carefully. There are still good shotguns out there, but Sniper Rifles and Fusion Rifles can deal out significant damage.
  • Power: Grenade Launchers can deal some crazy damage after the latest patch, but mainstay favourites like the Sleeper Simulant, Thunderlord, Whisper of the Worm, and Hammerhead are also great.


  • Hunter: Got the Orpheus Rig? Great. Run Nightstalker on the top tree and soak in that super regeneration. Not only will you generate tons of orbs for your team, you’ll make make cleanup of weaker enemies all that much easier. An Arcstrider with the Raiden Flux or Blade Barrage with the Shards of Galanor work wonders as well.
  • Warlock: If you’re running Well of Radiance, make sure you have the Lunifaction Boots on. The ammo regen perk is fantastic for melting bosses. If you’re looking for crowd control, Stormtrance is the way to go, but Chaos Reach and Nova Bomb are your best bet for outright damage.
  • Titan: As with the Warlock, your main decision here is figuring out if you want to work crowd control or be going for high damage output. Running a Sunbreaker Titan with Melting Point is your best bet for aiding your team and helping melt the boss. If you’re looking to clear enemies and generate orbs, the Sentry void-shield class is likely your best option.

With Tier III of Reckoning coming out shortly, it’s high time to get used to this mode and starting powering up that Gambit Prime armour. Once Tier III drops, we’ll have some more guides on how to upgrade your Mote synthesizer even further, and how to tackle to Tier III Reckoning boss.

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