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Monster Prom’s New DLC Second Term Adds More Beaus and More Blows

As if getting a date to the prom wasn’t hard enough now there’s more options, more hotties and more drama.

In Monster Prom, from developer Beautiful Glitch, you play as one of four characters with one goal and one goal only: finding a date to the monster prom. By making difficult choices, upping your stats and charming your crush with your lightning fast wit, you’ll get closer and closer to being the belle of the ball (with the hottest date).

There are a bunch of colourful characters that you have the option of romancing in the main game, and Monster Prom’s new DLC, Second Term, allows you to romance even more 20-somethings. Second Term introduces two new love interests: Zoe and Calculester. Zoe (also known as Z’Gord) is an Eldritch monster (and ruler of the dark realms) who seems to love K-Pop. Calculester is a computer who expresses himself through emojis that show on his computer monitor a.k.a his face.

Second Term also adds around 120 new events, 10 new secret endings, over 10 new NPCs and some brand new outfits for the romanceable characters.

The hilarity of Monster Prom is found within its completely random encounters and obscure romance choices. It might seem that the demon from hell, when asked what tattoo he should get, should love the pentagram surrounded by more pentagrams that are on fire and the fire is on fire. But no; actually he’d love a sea cucumber. Around every corner there are new surprises, horrific scenarios and lines upon lines of brilliant dialogue.

The more you play Monster Prom the more you’ll be surprised by all that it has to offer. Some events repeat themselves, but not as often as you’d imagine, as there’s hundreds of possibilities. I’ve played the game quite a few times now, and still find myself coming across brand new hilarious trials and tribulations. I’ve even played with my friends with Monster Prom’s multiplayer mode – and it’s just as fantastic watching your friends fight with each other because they’re both trying to romance the same person.

Monster Prom’s Second Term simply adds more great content to an already great game. If more DLC comes out for this game I’d play it in a heartbeat. There’s nothing wrong with dozens upon dozens of people rejecting me on a regular basis. It’s just like real life. Ha. Ha. Ha…

Anyway, grab Monster Prom Second Term on Steam now for $5.99/£4.79.

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