New Anthem Update Adds Legendary Missions and More

Strap on that legendary gear because there’s new missions in Anthem.

EA and BioWare released an Update 1.0.4 for Anthem as part of their effort to continually update and add to the shared-world action shooter. Some of the changes players can expect include:

  • Legendary Missions which allow players to replay critical path missions again with a higher difficulty level
  • Elysian Caches which appear at the end of Strongholds and create loot for each member of an Expedition from 67 unique vanity unlocks. Players will never get a duplicate vanity item and can earn Elysian Keys by completing daily challenges.
  • Loot Changes include a chance for chests and Apex creatures to drop additional items. On GM1 difficulty and higher Stronghold bosses will drop more loot.
  • The Forge can now be accessed via the menu while players are in Ft. Tarsis or the Launch bay and there are no longer loading screens when entering the Forge.

You can check out the full list of new features, changes, and performance improvements by reading the official patch notes.