New Dead by Daylight DLC Demise of the Faithful Now Live

Get ready to get thrown up on, like a lot, because Dead by Daylight’s new killer has gone live along with lots more changes.

For those of you that have been waiting, you’ll be glad to know that the new DLC for Dead by Daylight has officially gone live. Behaviour Interactive have released the full patch notes for yesterday’s update, but here’s some of the biggest changes now live in the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The New DLC

  • New Killer The Plague: The Plague is the horrific new killer available for purchase. Her Vile Purge ability allows her to vomit infectious bile on unsuspecting survivors. Anyone hit with the stream or who comes in contact with the bile must cleanse themselves slowing down the progress of the game significantly.
  • New Survivor Jane Romero: Jane is a TV personality living in the shadow of her famous mother who practically abanonded her when she was a child. Her abilities all her to stun killers when coming out of lockers, heal other survivors while healing herself at the same time and leave no scratch marks after finishing a generator for a few seconds.
  • New Map: The Temple of Purgation inside of the Red forest theme.


  • Matchmaking: Matchmaking times have been improved and the queue time is displayed now for both roles when waiting to get into a game.
  • Character Swap: Swap controls have been switched from L2/R2 to L3/R3 to avoid accidental switching
  • Chaser Scoring: The longer a Killer stays within a close proximity (16m) to a hooked Survivor, the more point they will lose in the Chaser Emblem.
  • Devout Scoring: 3 kills will now result in a Silver emblem, where as 4 kills will result in Gold. To earn an iridescent Devout emblem, you will need to perform 9 more more hook events and sacrifice all 4 Survivors.
  • Gatekeeper Scoring: Killers will now earn points based on how few generators have been completed, each minute for the first nine minutes of the match regardless of how long the match takes. At the end of the match, the killer will gain bonus based based on how few generators have been completed.

There have also been a variety of killer perk and survivor perk updates as well as a large amount of bug fixes. For those playing on PlayStation 4 all previous DLC is on sale now on the store. To read the entire full patch notes visit this Dead by Daylight forum.