Programming Puzzle Game Robo Instructus Revealed with Beta Version Available

Discover a hidden language and explore the spirits of creativity in Robo Instructus.

Big AB Games revealed today its ethereal new title, Robo Instructus. Robo Instructus is a programming puzzle game with a sci-fi story. Its beta version is available now, completely free. Players can sign up via the Robo Instructus website.

In the game, players will learn to program a salvage robot on a forgotten alien world. Players will slowly unravel the robot’s abilities learning new programming commands along the way.


These new commands allow players to remotely manipulate the robot through a range of hostile and dangerous environments, while uncovering an intricate web of science fiction storytelling.

While your code becomes more efficient so will your strategic options which will open up brand new ways to overcome each challenge and delve deeper into the unforgiving world.

Players that participate in the beta will be able to provide feedback and get a chance to gain a free copy of the full game when it launches later in the summer.

Robo Instructus will launch via Steam in the summer of 2019. The free beta version is available now.

Check out the new trailer below.