Puzzle Game Discolored is Set to Be an Intriguing Adventure

Restore all the colours to the world in this upcoming puzzle game.

Discolored from Jason Godbey is a first-person puzzle game set to release this summer. As Discolored starts, you find yourself on an empty street just outside a small diner. All of the colours are completely gone from the world around you, save for the outline of one green triangle slot on the top floor on the building that’s in front of you.

As you soon discover, it’s your job to use certain items in the world and find a green prism that will fill in that slot. When you do find it and insert it into its rightful place, the environment suddenly has a splash of green colour in certain areas. It doesn’t end there; solving more puzzles will allow you to bleed more colours back into the world, eventually restoring your surroundings back to their full colour glory.

There’s currently a short demo available for Discolored, and after playing through it, I’m pleasantly surprised by what it offers. The demo only takes 20 minutes to play through, and gives a taste of what the final game’s puzzles will be like. Set against an interesting backdrop, each of Discolored‘s puzzles look to be intriguing and thought-provoking. Of the puzzles I tried in the demo, each was well thought out, but none were ever too difficult to figure out, meaning that players of any skill level will be able to enjoy them.

Discolored is set to release in the summer and will be available on PC. If you’re keen to try it out for yourself, the demo is available to sign up for. Head over to the game’s official website, where you can enter your name and email address. Godbey says he sends keys out every Friday.

While you’re over there, you should check out some of Jason Godbey’s other art, too – it’s beautiful.