Rad Rodgers Radical Edition Review

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition

We’ve reviewed Rad Rodgers twice now. This will be the third time. We first reviewed it when it launched as Rad Rodgers: World One on PC back in 2016, and then when it launched simply as Rad Rodgers on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

Looking back at those reviews, I pretty much agree with both of them. Rad Rodgers is enjoyable platformer that pays homage to the classics of the nineties. It has responsive controls, a whole host of collectables to, er… collect, and also a welcome dollop of adult humour. But it’s also troubled in many ways.

For a start, it’s just too busy visually. It’s often hard to make out what’s in the background and what you can actually interact with, leaving young Rad either clambering up on ledges that you really didn’t want him to, or dropping into pools of liquid that are apparently quite harmful. And then there are the bits of land that make him slide rather unconvincingly, usually leading to hazards such as thorny pits that prove to be a pain in your – or Rad’s – backside.


Rad Rodgers is a game that’s easy to like but hard to love. It’s solid enough, but it’s just lacking a bit of care in its construction. It’s missing that bit of polish that would make it shine. And that still stands even now that it’s available on Switch as Rad Rodgers Radical Edition with a host of new extras. Red Rodgers has been made broader, but its core issues still haven’t been addressed.

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition 2

For example, the core gameplay remains the same, but now you can bring a friend along for the ride thanks to local co-op. Does it make the platforming any better? No. But the game’s undoubtedly more fun when played with a friend. New minigames have been added between levels, too, such as pinball. Are they amazing? No. But they do break up the action and add some variety to the mix.

And that’s how Rad Rodgers Radical Edition goes. It’s the same game but now just a bit less repetitive and a bit more fun. No longer do you have to play as Rad if you find him to be an annoying so-and-so; simply unlock Duke Nukem, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison or Lo Wang and you can play as them instead. And if you want to settle a dispute instead of playing along happily with a friend, you can fight against them in the new Battle Mode.

Rad rodgers Radical Edition 3

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition isn’t a radical overhaul of last year’s game, it’s simply an expansion to it. The good news is that if you already own Rad Rodgers on PS4, Xbox One or PC, the Radical Edition comes as a free update. On Switch, however, it does feel like you’re paying for it. While Rad Rodgers is available for around £15.99/$19.99 on other formats, on Switch it has a recommended retail price of £26.99/$29.99.

Still, if you want to play a retro style platformer with humorous quips on the move, Rad Rodgers Radical Edition is worth a look. It’s not going to set your world alight, but chances are it won’t leave you regretting your purchase, either. Especially not with its newly added features and content. No compromises have been made bringing this title to Switch, which means it’s just as good a place to play the game as any.

Rad Rodgers Radical Edition is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. We reviewed the Switch version.