Sci-fi Adventure Game Interpoint Heading into Early Access this Spring

Would access to other parallel worlds really help humanity? Uncover the answer in Interpoint.

Interpoint from developer Three Dots and publisher Juvty Worlds Ltd. is a first person sci-fi mystery with elements of psychological horror. You play as Harry G., a scientist, who took part in the project responsible for discovering parallel worlds.

In the early 2020s, the Delta Laboratories research corporation created the Quantum Entanglement Device which allowed for the opening of portal to other parallel universes. Many of the world that they discovered were exact copies of the current world or completely surreal with unknown creatures. As Harry, you find yourself far away from your home when something goes wrong.

Some features players can look forward to include: a photon gun which is able to absorb energy from surrounded objects and transform them into something else, an underground science complex, a journey through parallel worlds and a twisted story with multiple endings.

Look out for Interpoint going into Steam Early Access this spring with a console version schedules for the end of 2019.

Check out Interpoint’s announcement trailer below.