The Best Perks in The Division 2

The Division 2 1 (1)

While SHD Tech can be used to unlock a wealth of skill variants in The Division 2, it’s perhaps more useful to unlock some helpful perks first.

There are many perks to unlock in The Division 2. You can see what’s available and how many SHD Tech points they require to unlock by visiting the Quartermaster in your base of operations. But which perks should you unlock first?

Without a doubt, the first perks you should unlock are the accolades perks, which allow you to gain XP bonuses for playing skilfully. Unlock these and you’ll gain XP for performing headshots, taking out multiple enemies quickly, and even simply surviving. You don’t get massive amounts of XP, but every little helps when levelling up your character.

After you’ve unlocked the accolades perks, we recommend unlocking the perks that award you gun mods. There are perks for magazine, muzzle, optics and grip mods, and they all come in useful throughout your The Division 2 experience. Once you’ve unlocked a mod you can use it on as many guns as you like, and they come in very useful when trying to fine tune a gun’s performance.

All the remaining perks aren’t quite as essential as the accolade and mod perks. If you’re going to be doing a lot of crafting, however, we recommend unlocking the deconstruction bonuses perks that net you more materials when breaking items down. It’s also probably worth upgrading your material storage capacity, too.

Other perks that you probably want to unlock sooner rather than later include the ones that allow you to carry more armour kits, and also those that increase your inventory and stash size. You’re going to be finding a lot of loot in The Division 2, so having more storage space comes in very handy.

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