The Best Skills in The Division 2

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You may be armed to the teeth with a varied assortment of guns in The Division 2, but without using the skills available to you effectively you might often find yourself in a tight spot.

There are eight skill types available to you in The Division 2, each with numerous variants. You unlock your first skill of each type by obtaining skill points, which are given to you for completing main missions. After that, you need to collect SHD Tech to unlock all the remaining variants. But you’re probably wondering which skills are the best?

Below are the skills which we think are the most useful. Give them a try and see what you think. The good thing about The Division 2 is that you’ll be able to unlock all the skills eventually, and may find one that particularly works for you. These ones, however, are good no matter your playstyle.

Assault Turret – The assault turret is great for keeping enemies busy. After placing it down you can simply forget about it, or make it target a specific enemy. Surprisingly it’s quite accurate, so don’t be surprised if it takes out a number of enemies for you while active. The only downside to the assault turret is its long cooldown timer. Still, you can expect to be able to use it at least once in each fight you find yourself in.

Reviver Hive – If you find yourself, or your teammates, being downed regularly, the reviver hive will be a godsend. As well as enabling you to revive yourself, it also allows you to revive others remotely. No more putting yourself in the line of fire to act all heroic!

Firestarter Chem Launcher – The firestarter chem launcher makes short work of enemies that are bunched together. Simply target an area, shoot, and then wait for the perfect time to ignite the fumes. Aside from causing a great deal of damage, it’s also a sight to behold.

Oxidizer Chem Launcher – While the firestarter chem launcher is great for taking out groups of enemies, the oxidizer chem launcher is more useful for making single armoured foes more manageable. Like the firestarter chem launcher, simply target an area and shoot. Any enemies caught in it will have their armour weakened, making them much easier to take down.

Bombardier Drone – Are you getting fed up of enemies hiding behind cover? Make use of the bombardier drone. With the bombardier drone you get to light up a short path with explosives. The enemies won’t expect your attack, for sure. And the explosives are quite potent, too.

Fixer Drone – The fixer drone is great. With one press of a button, a drone emerges and regenerates your armour, keeping it topped up for quite a while. If you’re playing with others, you can command it to go and repair their armour, too. The only downside to the fixer drone is its long cooldown timer.

Crusader Ballistic Shield – Leaving cover is very dangerous in The Division 2, especially when playing solo. If you pop your head up for even a second an enemy is bound to try and litter it with bullets. Make use of the crusader ballistic shield, however, and you can confidently leave cover, at least for a short while, anyway. Unlike other shield skills, the crusader ballistic shield allows you to use most gun types in conjunction with it, giving you solid offense and defense. The only downside is that your legs are exposed while using it.

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