The Division 2 – Deconstruct or Sell Unwanted Items?

The Division 2 3

While you’re playing The Division 2, you’re likely to amass a huge number of items that you simply don’t need.

Honestly, every time you sit down for an hour or two to play, you’ll end your session with more guns and armour than you could ever need. But what should you do with your surplus supplies?

When it comes to equipment you don’t need, you have two options in The Division 2: deconstruct it or sell it. Deconstructing items provides you with materials that are useful for crafting. Selling items, on the other hand, gives you money which can be used to buy new equipment.

What you do with surplus items, then, is a matter of personal choice. If you like to buy new items, perhaps sell the items you don’t need. If you like to craft items and rarely visit the vendor, deconstruct everything. Or maybe strike a balance between deconstructing and selling.

Us here at GameSpew like to deconstruct items. Once bounties become available in The Division 2 you can earn quite a bit of money doing those, so we break down our unwanted equipment to allow us to craft like there’s no tomorrow. Though we always keep a few pieces of equipment of each variety in order to complete any projects that pop up. They provide lots of experience and other goodies, after all.

If you like to carry or store lots of items, make sure you upgrade your inventory and stash via the Quartermaster. You can also increase your maximum material capacity via the Quartermaster, too. It’s a must-buy perk if you’re into crafting in The Division 2.

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