The Division 2 – What are Ivory Keys and Where Can I Find Them?

The Division 2 (1)

If you’ve thoroughly explored the White House, your base of operations in The Division 2, you might have come across a chest that requires eight Ivory Keys to unlock.

Like us, you probably walked away from that chest and assumed that getting eight Ivory Keys would come naturally as you play through the game. And also like us, you’ll probably find that that doesn’t happen.

No, obtaining Ivory Keys is apparently a task only for the most ardent of The Division 2 players. It involves finding murals strewn across The Division 2‘s map, deciphering the codes that are hidden on them, and then following clues. Once you’ve successfully followed a mural’s clues, you’ll come face to face with a powerful foe called a Hunter. Kill the Hunter, and you’ll nab yourself an Ivory Key.

As far as we know, no one has obtained all eight of the Ivory Keys required to open the chest in the White House yet, though players are making progress. Once the murals have been found, deciphering their hidden codes is no longer a problematic task thanks to a cipher that someone has put together. You can find it right here. The problem lies in solving the clues. There are plenty of threads on Reddit in which the solutions are being discussed though.

In any case, you’re probably best off leaving the pursuit of The Division 2‘s Ivory Keys until you’re level 30 and very well equipped. The Hunters really are tough. Still, we’re excited to find out what’s inside the mystery chest, and will keep a close eye on those who are doing their best to open it.

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