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This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #37

The Division 2 5 (1)
The Division 2

Is it summer yet?

Okay yes, we’re craving some summer sun, but to be honest if it was sunny outside we’d probably still be inside playing video games anyway. It’s what we do. With games out there like the gorgeous Devil May Cry 5 and the massive and immersing The Division 2, how could we resist? There’s not much better than blocking out the sun, grabbing a fresh margarita (other cocktails are available) and jumping into a new video game.

Unfortunately, summer is still a long way away so we’re coping with the wait time by, you guessed, playing even more games! Here’s the game’s keeping us warm well into the dark evenings. Let us know what you’ve been playing by tweeting us @game_spew.

Rich: This week, I ‘ave been mostly shootin’ and lootin’ in The Division 2. It’s bloody addictive that’s for sure, and I can just tell that I’m going to be playing it for months. Loot always sucks me in. It really does. And the gunplay is brilliant, too.

I’ve managed to pull myself away from The Division 2 to play some other games though. Fate/Extella Link on Switch was one of them, and it’s bloody good fun. Unravel Two also landed on Switch this week, which is just beautiful.

This weekend though, as well as doing some more of The Division 2, I have a feeling that I might have to purchase Sekiro. I’ll probably also kill loads more bugs and aliens in Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, which is surprisingly pretty.

Earth Defense Force Iron Rain 1 (1)
Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

Kim: Today, one of my favourite games from my childhood became available on Switch: Robocod! I’ve played a sneaky few levels at my desk today, and look forward to more this weekend. Most of my time over the week otherwise has been occupied by Bandai Namco’s One Piece: World Seeker. I’m not a massive One Piece fan, but I’ve very much enjoyed its colourful open world, even if it is a little on the simple side.

I’ve also found myself reaching for Treasure Stack from time to time because I’m a glutton for punishment. On Switch, I had fun with Golf Peaks, a lovely little puzzle game that required my thinking cap to be tightly secured. But now I’ve completed World Seeker, I’m migrating over to The Division 2, to join Rich in his quest to kill loads of bad guys and steal all their loot. I’m only a few hours in so far, but it’s a lot of fun.

James Pond: Robocod
James Pond: Robocod

Becca: This week I’ve played an embarrassing amount of Dead by Daylight. I’ve been waiting for the new killer, The Plague, to release this week so I was saving up as many bloodpoints as I could to upgrade her as soon as she came out. SShe released officially on Tuesday! The Plague’s main ability is… well, it’s basically poisonous vomiting. In my opinion, she’s a little underpowered at the moment due to how easy it is to dodge her vomit when survivors are near buildings, walls, etc. With upgrades to her movement speed and range of the vomit she has to potential to be really wickedly good.

I’ve also played through the JRPG Death end re;Quest. I was pretty disappointed by a lot of aspects of the game – the clunky controls, the overplayed voice acting, the story that’s been told over and over again. There’s not much redeemable about it unfortunately, apart from looking nice and having a good soundtrack. I also spent some time with the first person game, A Song in the Void, where you journey across a strange planet trying to discover the history of your people and the planet itself. It’s a little wacky, but the art style is really lovely and it definitely kept me intrigued. Look out for more words from me on that next week.

Death end re;Quest

Stan: Hey – it’s a me: Stanley! Honestly…I haven’t been able to stop speaking like this all week. It’s probably because I’ve been playing as Mario constantly. I’ve listed the 10 best Mario Sports games, and wow, Mario is very athletic. He’s also a pretty bad winner – just like me, really. I’m actually banned from playing Monopoly with my wife (mainly because I keep beating her), but maybe I have more in common with Mario than I realised?

And, talking of issues with the wife: Skyrim hasn’t been easy this week either. In fact, I’ve actually gone two days without playing it – a massive achievement seeing as I’ve been paying it for around 20 consecutive days. I’m not saying it has anything to do with my new missus, but… she does get in the way a lot, especially when I’m trying to complete a quest for the Thieves Guild: I know I shouldn’t be here – that’s the point! And my kid constantly asks if I have a gift for them or if I want to play tag. Family life sure isn’t easy, folks.


Chris: I’m in the home stretch of Resident Evil 2, slaughtering my way through hordes of the undead in my quest to bring Umbrella to justice. In theory, that is. In actual fact I’ve been spending too much time just opening the item chests and laughing like a lunatic at how many spare jars of gunpowder I have. As soon as someone commissions a Virtual Hoarders show, you can expect to see me on it. I’m still confused as to who keeps putting out ammo so that Leon, during his second run, manages to find it lying all over the place. Not that I’m not grateful, that is.

Resident Evil 2 3
Resident Evil 2

Jack: *to the tune of David Bowie’s Sound and Vision* Waiting for the gift of The Division! I repeated that refrain when the first game came out, so it’s back this week as I’ve spent most of the week playing The Division 2 on PC. I’ve put in 26 hours so far and have yet to make it to end game; the joy of pottering around Washington DC being distracted by various encounters is probably the main culprit to this. I’ve found myself enjoying playing support, but the majority of my 26 hours have spent solo. I think I’m nearing the end of the story, but not that I’ve paid much attention given that too often I’ve been briefed along the lines of “X bad guys have secured Y facility, and have access to Z… Shut it down”.

The Division 2 2 (1)
The Division 2

Matt: My week has mainly consisted of finding something to fill my time before getting my hands on Sekiro. I pushed through some end-game Strongholds in Anthem, ran through a raid in Destiny 2, and recently picked up NHL 19 when it was on sale. But as of today, Sekiro will be getting the entirety of my gaming time. I love the new posture based combat system, and the game is so smooth. Enemies are relentless, and fighting groups of them is arguably the most challenging that task has been in any From Software game I’ve played. I am eager to explore more, and keep learning new things.


Robert: I have been playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive this week. For a gamer who typically gravitates towards grand strategy games, it feels very odd to visit the competitive world of FPS madness. But I have thoroughly enjoyed getting myself knees deep in guts and glory. I see why people love and hate this game, for all the great plays there is a dozen hackers making your life hell.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive