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Tips For Being The Best Damn Pirate in One Piece: World Seeker

The latest game in the One Piece franchise is out now. One Piece: World Seeker puts you in the shoes of lovable-slash-freaky Monkey D. Luffy and presents you with a massive open world to explore.

With dozens of hours of gameplay ahead of you, there’s an awful lot to do and see in One Piece: World Seeker. The game introduces you to all of its mechanics gradually through a clever integrated tutorial spaced out over the first couple of hours with the game, but once you’re left to your own devices, it can be pretty daunting knowing where to go and what to do first.

Never fear! We’re here to help. If you’re planning to jump into One Piece: World Seeker this weekend, following these tips should set you in the right direction.


One Piece: World Seeker’s world is big. You can’t access it all right away, but even in your immediate area, there’s a lot to see and do. Even empty areas will have items to find, enemies to kill and boxes to break.

Wooden crates can be smashed with an attack, and often contain items and materials. You’ll also find glowing spots dotted around the map – items are hidden here. Chests can also be found in hidden and hard to reach areas, so make sure to look around and make use of your map.

Spend skill points regularly

In World Seeker, you’ll gain skill points – SP – for completing missions and generally progressing through the game. These can be spent on new skills for Luffy by heading into the menu and distributing them as you see fit. You’ll gain SP pretty steadily, so be sure to visit the menu page often and spend them as you like.

Buy the ‘Gum Gum UFO’ skill

It has a ridiculous name, but the Gum Gum UFO skill, which you’ll find in the ‘Explore’ section of the skill tree, is extremely useful. It allows Luffy to spin through the air following a jump – which makes for easier traversal and allows you to reach higher areas that you’d struggle to simply jump to. At only 100 SP, it’s one of the cheapest skills available, too, so it’s worth buying early on. It makes collecting items, which are often placed in awkward areas on the map, much easier.

Make use of fast travel

Early on in One Piece: World Seeker, you’ll unlock the fast travel skill, which will allow you to jump to certain points of the map in a matter of seconds. There’s no penalty or limit to using fast travel – so when you’re in the midst of a mission, it’s a handy way to save time. You can only fast travel to certain points – usually centres of towns and cities on the map. And they’ll only unlock once you’ve already visited that area.


One of the coolest things about One Piece: World Seeker is Luffy’s built-in grappling skill. His stretchy long arms can help you reach high-up ledges or even simply catapult across distances by reaching a wall far in the distance. It makes traversing environments more fun, so be sure to make use of it as often as you like. If you’re facing a surface that you can grapple towards, a marker will appear on screen – simply press your right shoulder button and away Luffy goes!

Craft new pieces of equipment

A couple of hours into the game, the tutorial will introduce you to the crafting system. As you play, you’ll come across materials, which can be used to craft pieces of equipment to improve and boost Luffy’s skills. To craft, you need to visit Franky on the Thousand Sunny – Luffy’s ship. You’ll need to find recipes before you can craft, though, which you’ll receive for doing certain missions. It’s worth visiting Franky whenever you find a new recipe to see if it’s worth crafting.

Complete side quests

One Piece: World Seeker is filled with side quests and mini missions to complete. Many of these are pretty samey – generally fetch quests that involve finding a certain item for an NPC. But many of them reward you with new pieces of equipment. Early on, these can be a good way to get decent pieces of equipment for Luffy. And sometimes, the items you need for the quest may be something you already have in your inventory.

Don’t fall into water!

Luffy’s a pirate, but he can’t swim. Go figure. Thankfully, if you do fall into any water it’s not a game over: you’ll just fade to black for a few seconds, before being replaced back where you were before you decided to go for an impromptu swim. It must be his hat – it makes him sink.

Change up your attacks in combat

Combat in One Piece: World Seeker is, mostly, a case of bashing the attack button and seeing enemies fall. But you can mix it up – and to get the most fun out of fighting enemies, you should. Pressing ‘down’ on the d-pad changes between Luffy’s fighting styles. One is faster, but deals less damage per attack. The other is a little slower, but with attacks that do more damage (and are arguably more entertaining to watch!). Luffy can also perform special attacks – press the right shoulder button, and use the left stick to select the attack. You’ll unlock new special attacks as you play, so have fun using them and seeing which work best against certain enemies.

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