Two Point Hospital’s new DLC Pebberley Island Out March 18th

Have you ever dreamed of an eternal life? Discover the secret to just that on Pebberley Island.

Sega Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios have announced a new DLC for their game Two Point Hospital called, Pebberley Island. Pebberley Island will be going to Steam on March 19th for $8.99 and is available for pre-order now with a 10% discount.

Legend tells of an immortality granting spring deep in the heart of Two Point County’s tropical Pebberley Island. Wiggy Silverbottom, part-time explorer and notorious germaphobe, needs your help to sterilise a path to the rumored magic spring.

Pebberley Island will bring brand new content and gameplay to Two Point Hospital as you cure 10 new visual and 24 non-visual illnesses in three new treatment rooms. You’ll have to take on extreme weather circumstances on the deceptively calm and tranquil Pebberley Reef. Complete challenge to open up a dense and sentient jungle and establish a medical facility amongst the Overgrowth while curing waves of sick tourists in a new horde mode.

Two Point Hospital is available now on Steam. Check out the new trailer for Pebberley Island below.