Unravel Two Review (Switch)

Unravel Two 1 (1)

Less than a year ago, EA and Coldwood Interactive snuck Unravel Two out of nowhere.

Picking up with Yarny, the protagonist of the first game, down on his luck, it quickly introduces a second yarn-based character into the equation. And so begins a new co-op focused adventure that is utterly adorable. You don’t need to play Unravel Two with another to enjoy it though – it even excels as a single player experience. But now that the game has landed on Nintendo Switch, it’s easier than ever to get another player to join you.

Unravel Two is a fairly laid back platformer for the most part. Sometimes it’ll have you scratching your head when presented with an obstacle that isn’t obvious to get around, but you’ll never be stuck for hours on end. It’s the kind of game that pushes you forward and wills you on, that wants you to see it through until its end. Though those who do crave more of a challenge will find that Unravel Two satisfies their needs too, thanks to a wealth of devious challenge levels that can be unlocked.

When playing alone, you’ll spend a lot of the time carrying whichever Yarny you’re not actively controlling. You can run, jump and even swing while carrying them, which is a godsend really. The only time you’ll have to put them down is when you want to make a bridge, or swing from one another to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. It’s a system that’s really intuitive. Even though Unravel Two is a game made to be played in co-op, hence the “two” in its title, it’s nearly just as much fun playing it alone.

Unravel Two 2 (1)

There’s no doubt about it, though, Unravel Two is a game meant to bring people together. It’s a heartwarming adventure that when played in co-op requires its players to work as a team and look after each other. There’s no leaving the other player behind in pursuit of glory – you succeed together or you progress nowhere. The only thing that lets Unravel Two‘s co-op gameplay down is that it’s local only – there’s no opportunity to form a bond with random strangers online. But that’s more of a letdown than a deal breaker.

To bring the game to Switch, some compromises have been made. You can tell that the game’s beautifully designed environments just don’t have as much detail packed into them, that some textures are a bit muddier. Despite that though, Unravel Two still looks absolutely wonderful. It’s still got lighting that provides warmth and special effects that add a touch of spectacle. In fact, it’s probably one of the nicest looking games I’ve played on Switch. And performance is solid, too, allowing you to enjoy the experience without any hiccups.

Some games are simply a pleasure to play from beginning to end, and Unravel Two is one of them. It’s a masterfully crafted adventure that keeps you glued to your screen, and melts your heart as the credits roll. It doesn’t matter that the first game isn’t available on Switch, you don’t need to play it to understand Unravel Two‘s message. All that matters is that one of the finest puzzle platformers of recent years has arrived on the hybrid console, and you should really play it.

Unravel Two is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. We reviewed the Switch version.