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9 Reasons We Need a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Game

We Want a Star Wars: The Clone Wars Video Game

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

During the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Star Wars: The Clone Wars would be returning.

The thunderous applause generated from the announcement put Palpatine’s formation of the Galactic Empire to shame. But we want to move another motion in the Senate just before it dies: there needs to be a Clone Wars tie-in game, and now’s the perfect time for it.

I know it seems unlikely, but never tell me the odds, kid. EA is currently developing Jedi: Fallen Order, but we can hope (rebellions are built on hope, after all). There’s so much potential – the midichlorian count is off the scale! – so here are nine reasons why we need a Clone Wars game right now.

The bond between Anakin and Obi-Wan

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

The Clone Wars series perfectly encapsulates the brotherhood between Anakin Skywalker and his old Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Clone Wars depicts their comedy together too, alongside how forceful they are as a duo. This is the perfect dynamic for two leading video game protagonists.

Games such as God of War and The Last of Us have shown just how well a father/son type of bond can work in gaming. Obviously, Anakin is much more mature than Atreus and Elle, but he’s still learning under the wing of Obi-Wan. Their back and forth within a Clone Wars game could build on this brilliantly, and maybe even give the player some choice into how their relationship continues.

More Ahsoka

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

Perhaps the most iconic character from The Clone Wars, Ahsoka is the brilliant Padawan to Anakin, and we need to see more of her. She’s caring, devoted and loyal, but also independent. Her story is one of the most compelling parts to The Clone Wars, and seeing it develop in a game would be fantastic.

There’s also so many gaps left to fill for Ahsoka and her story. Her choice to leave the Jedi Order was a huge one, and that’s a brilliant concept to build upon within a Clone Wars game. We’ve seen Ahsoka’s journey in the novel Ahsoka and in Star Wars: Rebels, and she’s continued in her quest to right wrongs, and that makes for a great quest line for one of the most overlooked characters in the Star Wars canon.

Full Scale Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

One of the biggest appeals to each Star Wars Battlefront game is the ability to experience an iconic Star Wars battle. The original Stars Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 brilliantly recreated some iconic Clone Wars era battles, and a game based solely around this era could expand on this so much.

The Clone Wars included many battles, and the series goes into detail for each battle, whether taking place on land, sea or space. There’s so many battles that could be re-experienced through a Clone Wars game, and arguably the most intriguing part to any Star Wars game is the way it portrays iconic battle scenes. With all the possible battles just ready to be adapted, a Clone Wars game makes perfect sense for this.

Tie-in with the new series

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

What better publicity for the new series than a stellar game to be released alongside it?

Okay, typically games that are tie-ins to TV shows or movies are never particularly great, but Star Wars games have been the exception before – and hopefully will be again. Despite not actually being a tie-in, both Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 (the originals, that is) released near the release dates for the prequels. In a galaxy where Star Wars is taking over, and spinoffs are everywhere, it makes complete sense that Disney would look to saturate the gaming industry too.

Order 66

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

There’s been so much foreshadowing to Palpatine’s famous order within The Clone Wars. It’s also perhaps the most memorable moment of all the prequel films, and it’s something that should play a part within a Clone Wars game too. Being able to actually witness this moment first hand would be iconic.

Order 66 has already been shown in one Star Wars game: Star Wars Battlefront 2. As Anakin, or a clone trooper, the player gets to invade the Jedi headquarters and kill all the remaining Jedi. But the iconic order is so much more than just this moment: it’s the slaughter of some of the most powerful Jedi masters too. This has never been included within any game, and it would be an absolutely thrilling experience within a Clone Wars game.

Lightsaber duelling

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

Some of the greatest lightsaber duels have taken place within the Clone Wars era, and arguably the best duels took place in the Clone Wars series. Characters like Ventress and Ahsoka have both unique and exciting lightsaber styles, and these can only be seen in The Clone Wars.

But with a Clone Wars game tie-in players would get to experience these duels, and actually be a part of them. Star Wars games have struggled to capture the excitement of the Clone Wars era duels, and a Clone Wars game could be the perfect opportunity to create a lightsaber duel to live up to all Star Wars’ fans’ dreams.

Younglings and Padawans

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

We don’t just want the Jedi Masters in a Clone Wars game, but the Jedi Padawans and Younglings too. The Clone Wars brilliantly displays the progression of the Younglings in the Jedi Order, and it’s something that could brilliantly be incorporated in a Clone Wars game. It could work so well with RPG mechanics and the ability to level up.

Children can also add a lot to the story of certain games, and the inclusion of Younglings and Padawans, with their unique experiences, could make them some of the best children involved in any video game. Seeing as the Jedi Order is destroyed after Order 66, a Clone Wars game would be the best chance to see the typical journey of a Youngling and Padawan before the surviving Jedi have to go into exile.

More Boba Fett

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

One of the most iconic villains in the Star Wars franchise, Boba Fett’s origin story is fleshed out within The Clone Wars. Clone, and adopted son of Jango Fett, the young orphan shows off his exceptional skills from an early age. Sadly though, there’s just not been enough Boba Fett in recent Star Wars canon.

A Clone Wars game would be the perfect opportunity to bring back everyone’s favourite bounty hunter. Again, with Star Wars on an inconsistent run right now, featuring such a fan favourite would definitely win over some of the more stubborn fans. Let’s see an overpowered Boba Fett from a young age, and allow a Clone Wars game to show off just what he’s capable of.

Be at one with the Force

Star Wars: The Clone Wars game

Much of the lore around the Force is featured within the Clone Wars series. Whole episodes have showcased Force beings and their insights. These beings have also foreseen Anakin’s downfall, and foreshadow his turn to the Dark side beautifully. Being able to use this concept with a Clone Wars game would be brilliant.

The Force has only ever been used as a type of weapon in most Star Wars game. But adding aspects to a Clone Wars game where players get to see a new type of power the Force offers would be a dream for all fans. The Force lore is at its most powerful in the Clone Wars era, and a Clone Wars game would be the perfect opportunity to put it at the forefront of a Star Wars game too.

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