Coatsink Has Just Released a Trailer for Upcoming VR Game Shadow Point

Look out at the world from your mountaintop observatory in Shadow Point.

Developer Coatsink is bringing its game Shadow Point to the Oculus Quest and the Rift platform.

Shadow Point is a story-driven puzzle game set between a mountaintop observatory and an ever-changing fantasy world.


Guided by the journal of Edgar Mansfield, voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart, you’ll explore a vibrant kingdom, cast shadows and solve challenging puzzles as you uncover the mystery of missing schoolgirl Lorna McCabe who vanished from Shadow Point Observatory twelve years ago.

Shadow Point will support full six degrees-of-freedom, full-body interaction, hand tracking and teleportation systems. The official release dates and pricing info will be announced via Oculus at a later time. Until then, enjoy the beautiful trailer below.