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Bitloom Games/Coatsink
Release date: 2020

There’s only one real word to describe Phogs: adorable.

Designed as a game to be played in co-op, you and a friend take control of a two-headed dog. Like the Nickelodeon cartoon Catdog, there’s a head at each end, joined by a stretchy body. It sounds a bit freaky. But stick with us, it’s cute as heck.

The Rezzed demo took us through several short levels where the one-bodied duo has to work together to solve a series of puzzles. Both heads can move independently, but they’re obviously restricted by their shared midriff. They can stretch in opposite directions and use their mouths to grab objects in order to make their way through each level. In co-op, it’s about communicating with your partner to find a solution – whether it be guiding a walking alarm clock to wake up a sleeping NPC in your path or using your stretchy ability to literally be in two places at once.

The levels were set in a dreamlike location, with environments decorated with patchwork quilts, teddy bears, nightlights and rich purple hues. We whizzed through the demo in about 10 minutes, but it left us eager for more.

We’re sad Phogs isn’t going to be ready until early 2020 – we want cute dog action now! – but we’re pretty sure it’s going to be worth the wait. We’re absolutely down for co-operative puzzle fun and what might just be the cutest conjoined protagonists ever.