For The Apocalypse, Days Gone Has Surprisingly Clean Toilets

That's not dirt; that's just my shadow.

The condition of a lavatory is a strange thing to take note of in a game, I agree, but in Days Gone it’s hard to miss.

Set two years after a virus has turned much of the population into deadly almost-zombies, the world of Days Gone is all but destroyed. Towns and villages lie in ruin, roads and highways are broken beyond repair, and any structures that do remain are mostly desolate, apart from the odd squatter.

As you play the game, you’ll find yourself wandering into many of these desolate towns, wandering through homes and places of business to see what you can find. It’s the end of times, you see, and whatever you can lay your hands on is fair game. You never know when an empty tin can or piece of wire might come in handy, after all.


You can probably imagine that these buildings you’re exploring aren’t in the best of conditions. If they’re even still standing at all, windows have broken and roofs have caved in, leaving interiors open to the elements. That means murky rain falling everywhere, dust and debris blowing in from the outside and who-knows-what else. Not to mention the fact that, left abandoned for two years, with various waifs and strays wandering through, things aren’t exactly going to be spick and span.

And they’re not. Worktops and carpets are dirty, furniture is ruined and the places are generally uninhabitable. Apart from one room, that is: the bathroom.

Regardless of what has gone to ruin behind it, the toilets in Days Gone are impossibly clean. That white porcelain glistens more than your average real-world loo, and surrounded by debris and god-knows-what else, it really stands out.

I stopped in the middle of being chased by a horde to snap this impeccably white toilet and sink combo.

I’m not sure exactly what the deal is. Where people do their number ones and number twos in the world of Days Gone is never discussed, but we’d imagine these bathrooms aren’t being used. Or if they are, someone still has a strong supply of Toilet Duck to go round bleaching everything afterwards.

Let this be a message to all of us: no matter what happens to the rest of the world, make sure your toilet is kept squeaky clean.