Giga Wrecker Alt. Slams Onto Consoles this Week

Game Freak’s latest title hits consoles today.

Rising Star Games is bringing Giga Wrecker Alt. to the PlayStation 4 today (April 30th), the Nintendo Switch on May 2nd and the Xbox One on May 3rd.

Featuring all-new, console exclusive content from the team at Game Freak, Giga Wrecker Alt. includes 20 additional puzzle stages of platforming gameplay plus a new hard mode to increase the challenge for players. There’s also a new companion character to guide you through some of the more taxing puzzles if you prefer a little easier difficulty.


Players will guide state-of-the-art cyborg Reika through destructible environments, navigate increasingly challenging puzzles and unearth the mysteries behind the sudden invasion that has the left the world in ruins.

Players that pick up the game for console can expect the features mentioned above as well as an overhaul of the original localisation and a huge number of in-game languages. Be sure to look out for our full review of the game coming later this week.