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Final Fantasy X (1)

Here’s How Final Fantasy X Looks on Xbox One X

I have a number of questions after starting a playthrough of Final Fantasy X nearly twenty years after I originally played it.

Why is Tidus’ hair now blonde when it was brown when he was a child? How come everyone can breath underwater? And why does Tidus operate machinery by just punching it? A few hours in though, those questions don’t bother me anymore. Final Fantasy X has got its hooks in me once again.

I remember Final Fantasy X as the last truly great Final Fantasy game, and my time spent with it on Xbox One X up to now is simply reaffirming that belief. Its characters are a varied bunch, each likeable in their own way. Visually, it holds up quite well for a game that’s now 20 years old. And the turn-based combat system is something I wish new Final Fantasy games still had. Despite some minor control and camera issues and dated animations, Final Fantasy X doesn’t actually feel old.

Bundled together with Final Fantasy X-2 and some other bonus content, Final Fantasy X seems to play great on Xbox One X. I’ll be putting plenty more hours into Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster before I put my final thoughts down for a review though. Until then, why not take a look at about 15 minutes of gameplay? Captured on an Xbox One X within the first hour of the game to avoid spoilers, it should give you a an idea of what you’re possibly buying into.

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