Hitman 2 Gets a Roadmap for Future Content

Everyone loves a roadmap, don’t they?

Hitman 2 is the latest game to get one, offering base game and expansion pass owners a glimpse of the content to come. Take a look at the roadmap below.

Hitman 2 Roadmap

As you can see, everyone who owns Hitman 2 will have their experience enriched. In addition to weekly live content, base game owners will be treated to some pretty cool unlocks, including new costumes and weapons. They’ll also gain access to additional Ghost Mode maps.

The real good stuff is reserved for Silver and Gold Edition Hitman 2 owners, though. A new sniper map and location will be available for Silver and Gold Edition owners by the end of summer, as well as a couple of special assignments. And Gold Edition owners have yet another sniper map and location to look forward to later in the year, and even more special assignments.

It goes without saying that Hitman fans will be kept busy throughout 2019. If you want a more detailed look at the content that’s imminent, however, keep an eye on the IO Interactive website for monthly roadmaps that go into greater detail.