How Many Missions Are There in World War Z?

World War Z 2

Wondering how many missions there are in World War Z?

Well, there’s more than a few – but less than Left 4 Dead, the game that World War Z most closely resembles.

Released this week, World War Z is an online co-operative shooter that sees you battle through a number of zombie-infested locations. Developed by Saber Interactive, it stands out for the sheer number of zombies thrown at you in any one area. And they’re quick. If you’ve ever seen the film of the same name, you’ll already be familiar with the speed of the undead hordes here – not to mention the fact that they literally climb up walls. Freaky.

You’ll be battling against these hordes in a total of eleven missions, spread over four locations. Each location is based on a real-world city. Here’s each area, and the number of missions in each:

  • New York (three missions)
  • Jerusalem (three missions)
  • Moscow (three missions)
  • Tokyo (two missions)

We’re not sure why Tokyo only has two, but each mission area is fairly large. The mission areas of World War Z are definitely larger than Left 4 Dead, which has four missions per campaign.

It wouldn’t surprise us if, like Left 4 Dead, further downloadable campaigns are added to World War Z over time.

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