How to Change Difficulty in Days Gone

When you start playing Days Gone, you’ll get the option to choose your difficulty level. Here’s how to change it on the fly in-game.

Before you start playing, Days Gone will ask if you want to play the game on easy, normal or hard.

  • Normal difficulty is the default level of the game.
  • Easy difficulty gives enemies less HP, and makes you less vulnerable to their attacks.
  • Hard is the most difficult setting (for now – an ever harder difficulty is coming in a patch in June!), designed for survival veterans. You’ll have less health, enemies will be tougher, and they will do more damage.

If you choose Easy or Normal difficulty, you can change difficulty at any time in the game. Simply press the options button on your PS4 controller to bring up the main menu. Go to options, then scroll across to gameplay. Scroll down to difficulty. Toggle between easy and normal for the setting you’d like.

However, if you’ve chosen Hard difficulty – you’re stuck. You can’t change the difficulty during gameplay. So if you’re finding things too tricky, your only option is to start a new game. Or persevere.

Equally, if you’ve chosen Easy or Normal, you can’t change the game to Hard during play – you can only choose between those two. Hard difficulty can only be selected when starting a new game. So make the choice carefully.

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