How to Deal With Hordes of Freakers in Days Gone

Hordes are undoubtedly one of the coolest parts of Days Gone. They’re also one of the most deadly. Here’s how to survive a fight with a horde.

You’ll probably come across a horde of freakers pretty early on in your playthrough of Days Gone. However, if you’ve got any sense, you’ll sneak past it, not letting it see you.

But as you progress through Days Gone, you’ll have to fight hordes as part of the story. Doing this opens up a huge list of horde missions, with these deadly swarms of freakers dotted all over the map. Following these tips should help you deal with a horde – and survive to tell the tale.

Make sure you’re well stocked

There’s no point in tackling a horde mission without being prepared. You’ll need a good stock of ammo and throwable items if you want the best chance of surviving a horde. Molotovs and napalm molotovs are very useful in causing mass damage to a big group of freakers, so you’ll want to craft as many of these as possible. Other types of explosives are also useful – grenades, pipe bombs and remote bombs especially.

Since you generally can’t buy explosives from camp stores, you’ll need to have a good stock of materials to craft them yourself. Take some time to do some scavenging – it’ll pay off in the long run.

Scout the environment

If you can, before engaging with a horde, scout out your immediate environment. Generally, there are explosives nearby, traps that you can use to slow the horde, and small gaps you can pass through in order to give a bit of a gap between you and them. Looking to see what’s around you will help to plan a route. Take note of explosive barrels, gas cans, petrol tankers or anything else that can explore. Also keep an eye out for any ammo or material supplies in case you need to restock quickly.

Set up some traps

While scouting the environment, use any choke points to set up traps. Place remote bombs in a place that’s going to cause a lot of damage to a lot of freakers at once. Consider using them near gas canisters or tanks to make the explosion even more powerful. Once you’ve set remote bombs you can activate them by pressing right on the d-pad. If you lay more than one, the first you lay will be the first to be activated.

Start out with a strong attack

Generally, hordes will start off confined in one area. They’ll be moving slowly, or staying put in a group. You want to sneak close to them but not get noticed in order to line up a powerful attack while they’re all still together. A napalm molotov is a good way to start. If that’s not an option, any explosive will do.

Keep moving

Hordes are quick and powerful. Keep moving at all times – if you get stuck, the horde will descend on you quickly, and it’s impossible to escape once too many freakers get at you. You’ll use up a lot of stamina, so making use of some stamina cocktails to keep you running a bit longer will be helpful.

Roll your way to safety

Getting caught by even just a few freakers as you’re running for safety can result in disaster. Get hit by one of their attacks and you’re likely to be stumble, and before you know it the whole horde is descending upon you. Thankfully, your roll manoeuvre is great for avoiding attacks and swiftly making an escape.

So, whenever you do find yourself surrounded when tacking a pack of freakers, use your dodge roll to your advantage. Roll like a maniac and it might just save your life.

Use an assault rifle or SMG

Using your gun won’t take down the majority of the horde, but it’s handy to have a quick-fire gun in your inventory to fire off a few shots while you’re running. Unfortunately you can’t shoot over your shoulder on the run, but if you’ve enough of a gap between you and the horde, you’ll have enough time to turn around briefly and fire into the crowd.

Use distraction devices

In your inventory, you’ll have a few distraction devices that can be used to lead freakers in a particular direction. Use an alarm clock or some other distraction to lead the horde towards an explosive object in the environment. Keeping them close to a tanker will do more damage than simply blowing it up while they pass by.

Leave the area if you need to restock

Surprisingly, you can leave the area of a horde if you need to – and their health level will remain the same. Providing you can create enough of a gap that the horde loses you, you’re free to go back to a camp or to a nearby settlement in order to restock your ammo and materials to make new crafting materials.

Usually, the horde will go back to their starting/resting position if they lose sight of you. It means you get another opportunity to destroy a lot of them at once with a big explosion.

Make use of high ground

Where possible, make use of higher ground when fighting a freaker horde. Climbing ledges usually enables you to put some distance between you and your pursuers, allowing you to turn around and either open fire with your gun or throw something more destructive. Also, if you start a battle against a freaker horde on, let’s say, the top of a multi-level building, you’ll get ample time to cause damage to it before it gets dangerously close. Just be careful getting down when freakers do eventually find a way up. You don’t want to fall to your death, after all.

Collect your bounties

For every freaker you take down in a horde, it’ll drop a bounty. Clearing hordes are great ways to rack up tonnes of bounties – just make sure you pick them up once the area is cleared!

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