How to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Days Gone 2

To get the most out of Days Gone, it’s best to see its world from the back of your bike. But you can fast travel if you need to get somewhere quickly. Here’s how.

Days Gone‘s world is vast and full of character. From luscious green forests to run-down shanty towns, there’s so much to see – and it’s an absolute treat to take in the view from the saddle of Deacon’s motorcycle. However, sometimes you just need to get somewhere in a rush – and for those moments, there’s fast travel.

Fast travel is pretty limited in Days Gone. You can only fast travel to select locations, including encampments you’ve already visited. Any fast travel point will be marked on your map with a black diamond, with three downward-facing arrows inside.

You can’t fast travel at will, either. You need to be near your bike before you can initiate fast travel. And you need to make sure you have enough gas to get you there. Sometimes, that means refuelling your tank first. Other times, your tank may simply not have enough capacity to make the fast-travel journey. Fast travelling will also forward time to reflect however long the journey would take.

In order to fast travel, make sure you’re stood next to your bike and swipe right on the PS4 controller’s touch pad to open your map. Select a fast travel point and, providing you’ve got enough gas, click X. You’ll then go to a loading screen before being taken to your destination.

It’s worth noting you can’t fast travel when you’re in combat, or if an enemy has spotted you. You’ll have to clear the area of any dangers first.

If your gas tank doesn’t have enough capacity to fast travel, you can fast travel to one location half-way, refuel, then fast travel the rest of the way.

It’s good to have the option to fast travel in Days Gone when you need to – but it’s best to enjoy the game’s world in all its glory.

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